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Cabbage, my love

Cabbage, my love

Curried Pork and Cabbage Stir-fry

Its been unseasonably cool in Los Angeles and this week I was tired, lazy and tempted to lay on the couch, order in, and binge-watch something un-productive for my brain.  Instead, I made stir-fry which, next to pasta, is about as lazy as you can be without ordering take-out.

Anyone who knows me knows I love cabbage.  I actually love all Brassicas - you'll see.  Cabbage is really a fascinating vegetable.  Cabbage has been consumed throughout Europe, Russia, India and Asia for many thousands of years.  It has been thought to provide all sorts of benefits throughout history including curing hangovers and countering the effects of alcohol.  At one point, Roman physicians recommended that women prevent disease by bathing in the urine of people who had consumed cabbage.  I pity the poor souls that fell for that one!  Scientifically, cabbage is extremely healthy providing high doses of Fiber and Vitamins K and C.  There has been quite a bit of press about cabbage being linked to food borne illness.  I would avoid the pre-shredded cabbage, particularly if you are going to eat it raw.  

This recipe also references alliums.  This is the family of vegetables that includes all onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and chives.  Use what you have according to what you like...there is really no right answer here but this RamblinDish always likes to include garlic.

Serves 2

1 cup chopped alliums

1 - 2 birds eye chilis

1 lb ground pork

1 t curry powder

2 T dark soy sauce (or regular)

1/4 t sesame oil

1/2 cabbage, shredded

1/2 lime

optional:  fish sauce, sake

Using a wok or cast iron skillet, melt 2 T of ghee or coconut oil or canola over MH.  Add alliums and chilis and sauté for a few minutes.  Add pork and saute until no lontasger pink.  Add curry, soy sauce, sesame oil.  Add a dash of fish sauce or sake if you like.  Mix together for a few minutes, then add cabbage.  Cover pan and let steam for about 2 minutes, or until soft but not soggy.  Stir again to mix.  Remove from heat and squeeze lime over and taste.  Correct seasoning as needed.

This recipe is very forgiving in terms of preparation, nourishing, easy, and inexpensive!  




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