This is a blog about love of eating and exploring.  

I grew up in the Northern Woods of Wisconsin gardening, foraging, butchering and bartering to eat healthy, whole food before this was a trend.  In between meals and school, I was pouring over books and magazines to learn about how people in other places lived - what did they eat, how did they dress, what did their homes look like?  You can imagine, that for me in the American Midwest, everywhere seemed exotic.  

I have honed my taste and my travels over a 25 year corporate consulting career.  I believe that eating ‘real food’ is good for your body and your soul.  I never tire of soaking up photos and stories of new and favorite locations, and, while I’ve created amazing trips for myself and my family, I will never be done.  My ‘bucket list’ will never be empty. 

I hope this blog inspires you to eat well and explore more.  Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!